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Award winning designer and published author in the field of Green design, Alison K. Pollack is the founder and CEO of her multi-disciplinary firm offering the highest level of quality craftsmanship and service, specializing in nontoxic, sustainable design and construction materials since the firms’ inception in 1993. Today Ms. Pollack is hailed by her esteemed colleagues as a pioneer and bonafide leader of the burgeoning Green movement. Her work endures and evolves as a direct result of her proactive pursuit of responsible design excellence and her passion for making beautiful interiors a mindful pursuit of wellbeing and life-force harmony.

AKP fine earth friendly furnishings
100% Natural Latex Upholstery Foam
Made from the sap of the Hevea Brasiliensis rubber tree, no artificial additives
Naturally hypoallergenic – no allergy has ever been associated with natural foam rubber
Naturally dust mite resistant
Naturally anti-microbial and will not support the growth of mold, mildew, fungus or bacteria
Time tested in hospitals
Naturally holds its shape, the most resilient foam known to man
Naturally conforming
Heirloom quality and durability

Pure Grow Wool® Batting
Sheared from happy, free roaming sheep supervised for purity, humane treatment & land management
Cruelty free   Naturally dust mite resistant   Naturally flame resistant
Naturally the most resilient organic fiber, having the ability to spring back to its original size and shape
Is used by the mattress industry to meet federal flammability regulations without the use of chemicals

Organic Cotton Batting
Produced without the use of toxic chemicals
Perfect for Vegan construction – Available upon request

Dust Mite Barrier Cloth
100% organic cotton
Prevents human skin cells from settling into upholstery, pillows & mattresses
Eliminates dust mites food source & their waste product which causes the allergic reactions

Sustainably harvested lumber
Natural & nontoxic plant oil & wax finishes   Earth pigments & naturally derived stains
Zero VOC finishes   Nontoxic adhesives   Natural fiber textiles
Closed loop synthetic textiles   C2C textiles
8 way hand tied springs   No-sag springs
No soy foams or plastic fillers
Formaldehyde-free   Heavy metal-free   Child-labor free
Made locally in the USA at living wages
Customization available
Lead time 8 – 10 weeks

Cell Number: 818-468-3717
Landline Number: 818-888-6250